Open Letter From the Founder

It was early 2015 when I first really began to appreciate the struggles parents faced when it came to juggling paid employment and the everyday transport and care requirements for dependants.

Whether you’re a single parent like me or a stay at home mum or dad, I’m sure you can appreciate the battles we all face as parents when it comes to the transport and care of our children. With so much going on, no matter what your status, most of us rely on our friends and family at some point.

I began to notice at my daughter’s primary school many of the kids were being dropped off and picked up by someone other than their parents. I soon realised this was not an isolated issue and in fact common across many schools.

My personal experience in sourcing help for school pick ups, drop offs, care etc was met with much frustration. Often waiting for a return call or text message I would sweat on whether I would be able to find someone to help out in a timely fashion. It got me thinking, I absolutely needed an app for this.

I searched far and wide for a platform that could automate all transport and care requests with my own network when it came to my daughter, for those occasions I was predisposed with work. Failing to find an adequate solution, I designed The Hug App.

Most important to me was safety, security and an emphasis on leveraging my own network rather than outsourcing to unknown third parties.

The Hug App is designed for the parent by a parent.

With your support we look forward to changing the way we source assistance from each other, saving time, reducing cost and eliminating stress.


Simon Bishop
Founder, CEO & Working Parent

Simon was a co founder of Coin Software (acquired by Macquarie Bank 2005) and Hub 24 (ASX listed) he also was an Associate Director at Macquarie and Account Executive at salesforce.com

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