How The Hug App Works

Creating & Accepting Jobs

Create Transport Job For One Dependant

This parent is looking for someone in their Trusted Network to pick up their daughter Jessica from school and take her to a specific address.

Typically, the group “Jessica’s School Mums” would include parents of Amanda’s classmates. This way, the request will only be sent to users relevant to that dependant and activity.

The use of custom locations eliminates the need for users to repeatedly and manually type the same information when creating requests.

Whether a user is creating a custom location or entering an address on an ad hoc basis, The Hug App leverages Google Places functionality ensuring the user is able to populate the location, even without knowledge of the physical address.

Create Care Job

Once a request is sent to a user’s Trusted Network, people in the selected group(s) will receive a notification outlining details of that request. The first person to accept that job will be responsible for that request.

This example is a care request for Jessica.

When creating the request, the user could choose from one or more pre defined groups. Alternatively, they may wish to simply send it to everyone in their Trusted Network via the “All Contacts” Group.

Once a transport or care request has been started, a user may track their dependants’ location at all times, should the other user opt to share their location in their settings. In addition, the parent or guardian will be notified when the job is complete.


Your Schedule displays all outstanding transport and care requests, both requests you need To Do and jobs you’ve Delegated to others. From here, you can easily view the specific details of each job.


The Hug App runs on a secure platform that provides peace of mind around the encrypted data for all users.


The Hug App provides multi layer security ensuring you only invite those people you want and trust in your network.


By replicating your existing trusted network on a single dynamic platform, The Hug App is absolutely safe and easy to use.

Key Features and Benefits

Activity Based Groups & Custom Addresses

Ensure a wide reach to specific users relevant to that dependants activity, without the need for free form text.

Available Jobs

Easily identify who in your network needs assistance and help accordingly.


A detailed summary of all jobs relating to your dependants and others you are responsible for, keeps users always updated.


Show your appreciation via The Hug App’s unique animated experience.

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